Enrollment Information

In order to qualify for tribal membership your Roanoke-Hatteras or Mattamuskeet heritage must be proved. If you are a Roanoke-Hatteras or Mattamuskeet descendant, you can request an application by sending an email to pacoeagle1@ncalgonquians.com. Your full name, address and phone number are required.

Once you receive your application you will need to complete it and return it to us along with copies of your birth certificate, pertinent marriage certificates, death certificates, etc... and your ancestral chart with a $15.00 non-refundable application fee . Personal checks are not accepted . Please do not send original documents, as we will not be able to return them to you. Each member is required to show his/her bloodline tying to one or more of the tribal ancestral couples.

As a member of the tribe, you will benefit in the following way/s: the right to vote in tribal business, access to tribal newsletters, access to Native American scholarships, a tribal membership card and participation in Native American events (dancing at powwows, etc...).

Existing Members

Please keep your enrollment information current. If you need to change, or update any of your enrollment information please send us your updated information at pacoeagle1@ncalgonquians.com

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