Pea Island History

Members of the Pea Island Crew in 1896

Many of the Roanoke-Hatteras Indians and African Americans served at the Pea Island Lifesaving Station after the all white crew failed to respond to a shipwreck in 1879. We honor the following Native American descendants who served at Pea Island : Dorman Pugh, Theodore Meekins, Johnny Mackey, Joseph Hall Berry , Maxie Berry , Thomas Mackey, William C. Bowser, Levi Tillett, Benjamin Bowser, John Berry, George Pruden, Rubin Gallop, Maloyd Scarborough, and Maxie Berry was also the last keeper who closed the doors of the Pea Island Life Saving Station which was discontinued in 1947. "Former Surfman, Herbert Collins was sent to pick up the keys and locked the doors of the Pea Island Life Saving Station in 1949" (reference). The Berry Family alone has served the armed forces with over 405 combined years of service in the United States Coast Guard. The Life Saving Medal of honor was awarded to several of the Native American surfmen.

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