American Indian Culture Arts Festival/Powwow
A Powwow is a gathering together of Indian people to enjoy and join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It is a time to preserve our rich heritage, renew our thoughts of the old ways and create and awareness of our culture and heritage in the community. We often refer to powwows as "gatherings". Professionals volunteer their services by conducting Health screenings and giving brief talks about Substance Abuse and diseases plaguing natives and non-natives.

Petition for State Recognition as an “Indian Tribe”
The Roanoke- Hatteras Indian Tribe continues to conduct historical and genealogical research with the intent of filing a petition with the North Carolina Commission on Indian Affairs for official recognition as an “Indian Tribe”.

Roanoke Island Festival Park (RIFP) Native American Consulting Group
The Roanoke-Hatteras Tribe is a member of the Roanoke Island Festival Park (RIFP) Native America Consulting Group which focuses on the enhancement of our Native American interpretation. RIFP was appropriated $2million earmarked for a Native American village/interpretive area, improvements in the museum, visitor's center, and signage.  Of these projects, the Native American village etc. will take the front seat in terms of timing.  That is to say, it will be implemented first, with the goal of opening sometime in 2007. The Interpretive Planning Committee determines the guidelines and priorities for the Native American Consulting Group. Roanoke Island Festival Park Receives 2 Million Dollars for Exhibit Enhancement Project

Bridging the Gap with Computer Technology
Through partnering with The College of the Albemarle 's TRIO Program and the Roanoke-Hatteras Tribe, Basic Computing classes are offered to senior citizens free of charge which covers applications such as MS Word, Excel, surfing the Internet, retrieving data and using email. Other members of the tribe assist in providing one-on-one assistance to each class member. Completion of the class has lead to new career interests, allowed some to communicate with their children and family members outside the area. For others it has become a new found hobby, “surfing the net”.

Conflict Resolution Workshops
Sessions give an overview of “How Mediation Works” within the school, family or in the workplace.

Genealogy Workshops
We provide guidance on conducting searches for ancestors through use of census records and various rolls.

Poster Project
Students are given an opportunity to express themselves through Art using a selected theme related to the environment and our culture. Awards are given to the winning project preparer and his/her school.

An area school is selected by the tribe (based on need) and given a monetary award to purchase school supplies.

Future Projects
Behavior and Anger Management Seminars
Financial Management Workshops
Landmark and Wayside Signs
Repatriation Program  


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